Signings with Mendiliber are a matter of days – The data on the injured in view of AEK


His deal Olympiakou with José Luis Mendilibar for the renewal of their partnership until 2025 is a given and very soon it will take an official form. Perhaps even within the week the signatures will fall on a matter that is purely procedural. THE Vangelis Marinakis has joined hands with coach Vasko, who regardless of the outcome of this season will undertake to build the team for the next season.

In the meantime, today the players return to training and the competitive Calvary begins with consecutive difficult but at the same time decisive games in the championship and Conference League. The preparation, in the first phase, concerns the derby on Sunday (20:30) with the AEK in the Opap Arena for the second matchday of the playoffs, where victory is necessary for the Piraeus if they want to continue hoping for the title. From Wednesday, the internationals will also begin to return.

Ready for the restart will be the Rodney and Chikinio, which overcome the annoyances that plagued them in the past. His comeback is on track Zelson, who will try to enter the training sessions and claim a place in the squad for the upcoming game. On the contrary, his case seems more difficult Alexandropoulou, who has discomfort in the middle and may need a little more time. Despite the day off, these four players went to Rentis every day doing their individual programs.

Source: Sport Fm

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