Apostolakis: “Poyet’s responsibility – We didn’t play against Spain either”


Stratos Apostolakis blamed Gustavos Poyet for yesterday’s defeat on penalties and the elimination of the national team by Georgia. The veteran ace spoke to Metropolis and mentioned that the coach of the team did not show in the way he lined up the National team that he was not in the mood to chase the result.

His statements in detail…

“We were upset because we got competitively what we deserved, against an inferior team we played closed, in fear of the Georgians and imposing their pace, we played as if we had Spain and England against us, this is not in the interest of Greece who could imposes its rhythm from the first minute or even during the match. For this game we had a small presence, we didn’t go to play good football, that showed yesterday”.

For the outcome of the match:

“It was a tight game which the coach thought so. In such games, you are the protagonist, you want it more. When Ioannidis came out and you want to take the game, you put two strikers, you don’t change faces. How much better should Giakoumakis be than Ioannidis and how much fresher?”

About Gustavo Poget’s responsibilities:

“It was a team with only one star, the coach had a lot of responsibility for the result, because it was clear from the set-up and the mentality of the team that he was not chasing the result. When you play Georgia in such an important game you have to claim and show that you want it. So what should we do with Portugal, build the goal?”

Source: Sport Fm

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