Panathinaikos is negative about the possibility of a final in Panthessalikos with 4,500 tickets for each team!


Withdraw from ongoing meeting for the final of the Greek Cup at the offices of EPO o Achilles Beosemphasizing that he, as the mayor of Volos, is positive – under conditions – for the presence of 15,000 fans in Panthessalikos, he added, however, that the Yannis Alafouzos he was negative about this possibility, wanting more tickets to be given to the teams!

More specifically, Mr. Beoss, who stayed at the meeting for about 10 minutes, said upon his departure: “I am here because I was invited, but there is no point in staying, because as mayor my intention is to become a final-celebration. From there, the details are up to the EPO and the teams. So I don’t have a job. I, however, gave the green light for Panthessalikos.

I remain in the same approach regarding the fans in the final, but based on the history of the teams and that they do not have the same rivalry as others, we said under conditions that people should come to Volos. To have approximately 15,000 fans. My proposal is from 4,500 each team to the horseshoes and 5,000 for the EPO to allocate them wherever they want and to give to the teams if he wants.

Mr. Alafouzos was negative, because he thinks little of the world. But the decisions will be made by EPO and the teams».

In addition to what Mr. Beos mentioned, it should be noted that during the meeting the powerful man of Panathinaikos underlined that there is no need to give 4,000 tickets to each team or lesssince the police, it should be noted, suggested that 3,000 be given! The position of Panathinaikos, as expressed by Mr. Alafouzos, is negative for the final in Panthessalikos with so few tickets, since the needs of the season holders are not even met. Yiannis Alafouzos did not appear in accordance with the specific scenario, therefore, and initially asks for more tickets and maybe the Olympic Stadium will fall on the table again. He added, in fact, that he prefers the final behind closed doors, rather than in Panthessaliko with 4.5 thousand tickets!

Besides, Achilles Beos made a statement during his departure and for him Volos-Kifissia referee:Shame on everyone. The EPO already had to investigate how the name of the arbitrator (s.s. Diamantopoulos) was leaked without being announced. It is one big scandal. A dirty background. Now the specific referee has been burned, but the authorities must investigate it».

Finally, it was proposed by the EPO and the Municipality of Volos to cover the costs of the cameras in Panthessaliko ahead of the final.

Source: Sport Fm

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