The absolute loss in the Championship: The data for the “golden” promotion to the Premier League!


A battle that will be riveting until the last second is the one that rages on Championship!

Her second class England may be inferior in terms of prestige compared to Premier Leaguehowever the anxiety that exists every year regarding the rise is enormous.

And of course it couldn’t be missing this year either! And this because from the first to the third place everything is open, while from the fourth until the 11th “bodies” will fall for the Wembley final!

But let’s start from the beginning:

They were completed 40 matches with the Ipswich, Leeds and Leicester to be within striking distance of each other and to appear as the early favorites for promotion.

From now on, Southampton, West Brom, Norwich, Coventry, Hull, Preston and Middlesbrough fighting to enter the top six leading into the playoffs. But we didn’t end there. Among other things, four more teams have mathematical hopes. THE Cardiff, Bristol City, Sunderland and Watford.

To summarize: From the position 5 up to position 14 all teams can hope for promotion even through the playoffs. However, a reminder should be made at this point. The normal duration of the Championship may officially be 40 games, but there are also… debtors!

In particular, Leicester, Coventry, Hull and Preston have played 39 matchesat the moment Southampton have 38which prolongs the suspense even more.

But let’s remember what the format is:

The first two in the standings get direct promotion, which of course, in addition to the competitive part, also boosts their coffers. The four runner-up teams continue to fight for their last ticket Premier League.

THE 3rd group faces the 6th in the standings in double matches, while the 4th respectively will find opposite her 5th.

The winners of the pairs will face each other in the grand final in London on May 26.

Source: Sport Fm

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