Unbelievable: Only three Fener players have not faced injury this year!


THE Fenerbahce is a set of top class footballers, who have had a long career but there are several of them and… of the same age. Perhaps that plays a big part, along with the coaching done by the pitching staff, in the fact that almost the entire Turks roster has dealt with injury issues.

Specifically, only three footballers from its roster Fenerbahce they haven’t had an injury this year. One of them the Dusan Tadicwho is heading to his 36th year, while the other two are the Sebastian Szymanski and Dominik Livakovic.

The rest of the players have struggled this season with muscular issues and more, which is causing problems for Ismail Kartal about the management of his team in the games he gives in domestic and European competitions.

In “Georgios Karaiskakis”, two other footballers raised issues. One was muscular, his Becaowhile Ustervelde was unlucky and everything shows that he loses the season with a serious problem in his knee ligaments.

Source: Sport Fm

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