Pantazopoulos: “The biggest European success of Peristeri bwin”


Prime moment in its European history Pigeon bwin characterized the president of the group, George Pantazopoulosthe qualification to the Final 4 of the Basketball Champions League. “Let’s see how far we can go“, he said, while expressing optimism for a dynamic presence of the Greek stands at Stark Arena for the matches that will take place on April 26 and 28 in Belgrade. His statements on EEC Web Radio in detail:

To qualify for the BCL Final 4: “It is the biggest European success of the team and it has come from the difficult road, with many “breaks”, always at a disadvantage from the beginning. The team showed character, showed the required consistency. What impresses us all is how mentally strong the team is to keep playing “finals” and to come out victorious even away from home. This is something we have kept and we go with great optimism to the Final 4. Let’s see how far we can go.”

On their feelings about this success: “Now that we have arrived here you realize how difficult it is in such an event to reach the Final 4. Now you understand how difficult it has been, with what effort, how consistent in many things. Here you understand how important everything the team has achieved is and how great the work of the children is to get this result. I haven’t realized it yet, but the joy of what has happened is immense. Little by little until the games arrive we will be fine.”

On the attendance of the people in Game 3 with Bonn: “These are very nice times. What we all felt is how important it was to gather 150 Greeks who were not Peristeri, but were shouting for the team. This also shows a value that our victory took. It is a very nice feeling to see fans of other teams in the stadium and supporting the Greek team abroad. That really empowered us. Everything was wonderful. The atmosphere in the team is family, the team is a “fist” in everything and that came out in the end as well”.

On their Final 4 aspirations: “The team at the moment is in good spirits and with a lot of confidence, because they have beaten almost everyone in the BCL. He goes with good self-confidence and psychology to “hunt” the best he can. These tournaments are one match and then… another. May we be well and make it to the next one. We have 8-9 days to prepare for whatever comes from tomorrow.”

For the world of Pigeon in the Final 4: “We had started things and as of today the way is already circulating and there is communication with the people how it will be in Belgrade. We believed in qualifying and had already made our preparations. I think there will be a way to find enough people to watch the team up close in this big moment. Each team is entitled to 2 thousand tickets. I believe that more than 600-700 people from outside Greece will come and at the same time with other Greeks they will join and it will be a nice presence of the world at the stadium”.

To support the crowd throughout the season: “It is very important that the people now trust the team, have “bonded” with it, “forgive” even the defeat. People really show how close he is to the team and how much he believes in this effort.”

Source: Sport Fm

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