Fenerbahce-Olympiakos: With a crazy dream in (his) City!


Ready to make history! THE Olympic having won the first match 3-2 at “Georgios Karaiskakis”, hosted by Fenerbahce at the hot “Soukrou Saratsoglou” (10:00 p.m., Cosmote TV, bwinSPORT FM, www.sportfm.gr) for the second quarter-final of the Europa Conference League.

Of course, the big goal of Piraeus is to find themselves where they have never been until now, in the semi-finals of a European competition. And with the image they showed in the first quarter-final, they are capable of sealing that in Istanbul, which undoubtedly suits them (in all sports) and will be something… significant!

A week ago, all of it Jose Luis Mendilibar put in a flawless performance for 60 minutes, reaching the score marker at 3-0. Pressing, high tempo, limitation of the opponent’s assets and efficiency brought an ideal first hour to “Georgios Karaiskakis”. However, the entry of Fred-Juksek but also his Kantioglouas well as an unnecessary penalty by Retsu, put Fener at bay and shortly afterwards the final took shape 3-2 in another defensive oligarchy.

Given, the quality of the Turks is great, but at a high tempo they cannot last for a full 90 minutes, while they have many issues in midfield, which Olympiacos must take advantage of again. As, of course, the Piraeus team should not easily give opportunities to their opponents, since they can take advantage of them and hurt them. Tradition is also in favor of the red and whites, since the Lantern has been banned almost every time they lost in the first match, while o Olympic he has a rate of close to 80% when he wins!

There is no shortage of problems for both teams. THE Mendiliber has to deal with his absence Retsu, who was penalized in the first match, was yellowed and completed cards. Everything shows that Doi will take his place, while the Horta, Jovetich, Masouras they seem to be vying for a place in the midfield in the starting line-up, after Podense served his suspension and gets a starting jersey. On the other hand, Mr Ismail Kartal does not count him Oosterveldewhile their readiness remains to be seen Fred, Yukshek, Jikoku, Batshuayiwho have recovered but it is uncertain whether they can play 90 minutes.

A few days ago, Olympiacos did not play after the match with PAOK was postponed and there was an opportunity to rest, while Fenerbahce was beaten 2-1 by overturning the Karagyumruk away, having Livakovic as the top player. Three wins in as many matches counts Olympic opposite to Fenerbahce. In the 2021/22 season the red and whites won both matches, 1-0 at home and 3-0 away, while the third positive result came seven days ago!

The mission of Olympiakos: Papadoudis, Carvallio, Karmo, Tsiquinio, El Kaabi, Fortounis, Ese, Horta, Ibora, Jovetich, Masouras, Ortega, Paschalakis, Pontense, Richards, Rodinei, Tzolakis, Doi, El Arabi, Kini, Alexandropoulos, Koutsidis.

The mission of Fenerbahce:


Fenerbahce: Livakovic – Osagi-Samuel, Bekao, Soyuncu, Candioglu – Fred, Zaits – Tadic, Simanski, Kahvetsi – Dzeko.

Olympic: Tzolakis – Rodinei, Doi, Carmo, Ortega – Ese, Tsiquinio – Fortunis, Jovetic, Pontense – El Kaabi.

Referee: Tobias Stiller (Germany)

Source: Sport Fm

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