Conference League: The foursome and the possible pairings of the Greek teams are formed!


The foursome of the semi-finals of the Europa Conference League is formed. Olympiacos and PAOK throw themselves into their own battlebut they are not the only ones playing because in France and Italy the other two teams will appear and they will also form their pairs in the “4” of the competition, if they manage to be there.

As if… the first match between Fiorentina and Viktoria Plzen took place! The rematch finds both teams scoreless and they are called upon to react to the rematch. The first game had phases, but it ended in a 0-0 draw, with the Violas considered the favourites, but they have to face the hard-nosed Czechs, who, with their defense as a weapon, hope to find themselves in four and wait there for the team which will be qualified by PAOK-Club Bruges.

Aston Villa last week beat Lille 2-1 and is asked to finish the qualification case. Of course, against them they have a team that has quality and intensity in their game, while the difference of one goal is not prohibitive for the French to pull off the upset. The team that passes will face Olympiakos or Fenerbahce.

The program in detail:

(19:45) Fiorentina-Victoria Plzen 0-0

(19:45) Lille-Aston Villa 1-2

(22:00) PAOK-Club Bruges 0-1

(22:00) Fenerbahce-Olympiakos 2-3

Source: Sport Fm

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