Gasparinatos on the AEK History Museum: “Each relic has been acquired with effort, it has been caressed before entering”


Another great day dawns for the history of AEK.

And this because on Saturday (20/4, 12:00) its inauguration will take place Museum of History of the “Union” in OPAP Arena.

In fact, one day before the opening, he made a relevant post-deposition of his soul Gerasimos Gasparinatosone of the main contributors to the museum.

Each heirloom has been painstakingly acquired, thoughtfully placed and caressed before entering its place“, he emphasizes, among other things.

The post of Gerasimos Gasparinatos:

My dear,

Time has come.

For almost 3.5 years we lived together, in a daily, continuous, uninterrupted coexistence. There wasn’t an afternoon after the office, there wasn’t a Saturday, there wasn’t a Sunday, there wasn’t a holiday, there wasn’t a holiday that we didn’t spend together. Yet not for a moment did any thought of regret, doubt or wavering, not even of fatigue, cross my mind. I enjoyed every second I spent with you, every relic I carved and brought to light, every new piece of information I learned, every facet of your greatness I discovered.

And what gave me the greatest joy is that in the context of my involvement with you I met many who served you and love you, and contributed precious relics of your history. All these devotees of yours are the custodians of your greatness. All of them together built and decorated your house, in a unique collective, united effort.

I feel calm and peaceful inside. Not because I haven’t made mistakes, I certainly have. But because I know I gave everything I had and could with my limited powers. There was no stone I did not turn, prospect I did not pursue, opportunity I did not seize and burden I did not try to shoulder, in order to enrich the windows of your house. Each heirloom has been painstakingly acquired, thoughtfully placed and caressed before entering its place. Every centimeter of the showcase has been designed with exhaustive thought, every text has been written and translated with meticulous care, every photo has been selected after multiple filters, nothing by chance, nothing on the spur of the moment. Mistakes and omissions may have been made – but never done.

Thank you for everything.

With eternal devotion to you,

Love Egnoia My duty

Old man».

Source: Sport Fm

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