The president of Red Star confirmed the stay of Sfeiropoulos – What did he say about Vildosa and… Shortsanitis


Revealing once again was Neboisa Covicin an interview he gave to the television station “Sportklub”.

Its president Red Star hinted that the Yannis Sfeiropoulos he will remain on the team’s bench next year as well, as he will decide on the roster for the 2024/25 season.

From there, the “strong man” of the “red and white” of Belgrade also spoke about the Louka Vildosa and Sophocles Schortsanitis!

Initially, Covic referred to the Greek coach: “When Yannis Sfeiropoulos came, he told us: “For now we will play the roster we have and see…”. Then the market opened and made its choices. I don’t think it was a mistake to sign Freddie Gillespie. Only the match with Partizan he did is enough for me. Sfeiropoulos is a good coach and I think he is doing a very good job. Now that he will make his choices for the new season, then we could talk in a different way».

From then on, the president of the “red and white” for the cases of players brought to the teams by the administrations and not the coach, giving two… Greek examples:How do managers treat my players? The most recent example is Vildosa in Panathinaikos. Ataman pushed him aside, despite the fact that Giannakopoulos is powerful”, then Covits also gave his own example with Sophocles Skortsanitis who brought him to the team in 2015:

There is also the example of “Baby Shaq”. Back then, I had convinced him to come to the team, but Dejan Radonic didn’t want him. We wanted to make a transcript for marketing. Do you remember what we did back then? I then paid 90,000 euros for him to leave and covered all expenses. The coach decides which player will play».

Source: Sport Fm

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