Kastritis: “The miss in the open shots cost us”


Giannis Kastritis emphasized that the Aris players missed all the open shots, but he was satisfied with the defense of his players against Kolossos, he spoke about the problems they face in the mental part this season and referred to the gap in the playoffs and the maintenance that will need to be done, while referring to Galinat’s return to the courts.

Analytically: “Congratulations to Colossus on his victory. We were very misguided, the guys created a lot of open shots, but we didn’t put them in, it can be seen from the final score. Defensively, we can say that we are at our level, but, unfortunately, we were not on target.

Colossus won rightfully. It is a difficult period for us and for all teams, especially in the spiritual part. We’ll be patient, we have a big gap between late April and early May, it doesn’t help at all to wait two weeks without a game. We will try to maintain ourselves, stay active and show up ready for the last game of the format.”

On Galinat’s return: “Galinat is very important for us, we missed him, he was out for a long time. We know that all the children made an extra effort all these months to fill his void and maybe this costs us both fatigue and mental energy.

But, we’re happy for any kid who comes back from injury. He will definitely need some time too, it’s normal, we are with him and we will prepare as best as possible for the sequel.”

Source: Sport Fm

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