PAS was brought to its knees and Panserraikos sealed its stay!


He was also formally saved Panseraikos. Garcia’s team lost 2-1 PAS Ioannina at home and mathematically secured the stay at Stoiximan Super League.

His collar Thomas with a terrible shot from outside the area in the 29th minute, but also Ward’s penalty in the 45th + 4th minute (after Betancourt’s reversal) made the home team the boss from the first half.

The visitors reduced the lead in the 65th minute with a penalty by Conte, after Deligiannidis marked Leo.

In the mind of the coaches

With 4-4-2 Garcia lined up Panserraikos. Katsikas was under the posts, Deligiannidis and Avlonitis in the stoppers, while Bergstrom and Petavrakis were at the ends of the defense. Ouedtraogo and Oikonomou in the midfield, Thomas and Warda in the “wings”, with Aleksic and Betancourt in the attacking line.

With 4-3-3 PAS Ioannina. Athanasiou was under the posts, Pantelakis and Eramouspe in the center of the defense, while Soria and Kiakos were at the ends of the defense, with Gino, Rienstra and Carachalio in the midfield, Leo, Rosero and Conte in the attacking line.

The match

In the mood to find a quick goal, Panserraikos entered the match, wanting to take advantage of the bad psychology of PAS. He was in complete control in the first 20 minutes, with Avlonite to threaten with a misdirected header in the 9th minute, while a Tomas shot in the 20th minute had the same result. In between, Kiakos’ shot from outside the area by the visitors was easily blocked by Katsikas.

THE Panseraikos had a good moment to make it 1-0 in the 21st minute, with Betancourt entering the area, but his shot was not good and was blocked by Athanasiou. PAS gradually started to gain meters in the completion of the first half in the first half and in the 22nd minute found an excellent phase, with Roserio to make a darting shot, ton Goat to drop well into his corner, but the ball stopped on the crossbar.

Where he started to get discouraged, however, was his team Michalis Grigoriou, Pablo Garcia “cut off” her legs. Tomas found space to carry the ball, but also to shoot, with him Thomas to make a terrific shot from about 40 meters, the ball taking a curve and ending up horizontal beam and means for it 1-0 at 29′.

PAS “froze”. Betancourt came face to face with Athanasios, who found the ball initially, but with the time he had, overthrew him. The referee went to the white marker, but the assistant raised the flag. The offside was not confirmed even through the replay, while the VAR did not agree either. Ward performed brilliantlyAthanasiou chose the right angle, but could not prevent the home team’s second goal.

Panserraikos-PAS Ioannina 2-1: Knocked down the Epirotites and sealed stay

Panserraikos entered the second half relaxed, while PAS Ioannina looked for a reaction in this period and was able to find it. At the point where he began to visit the opposing area more consistently, he found a great opportunity for 2-1 and took advantage of it. Deligiannidis went straight to the ball and knocked down Leo, with Gortsila showing the white arrow. Conte executed and reduced to 65′.

Panserraikos-PAS Ioannina 2-1: Knocked down the Epirotites and sealed stay

PAS took psychology and came close to 2-2. Eramuspe shot after a corner, the ball found a body and before crossing the line, Woolery kicked out in the 69th minute. This was the visitors’ last big chance.

The Epiroites showed determination, but they couldn’t do anything good and the home team found two good moments on the counter. In 76′ with Woolery maneuvering nicely and winning a corner. Twelve minutes later – after a pass from Wooleri – Warda caught a strong shot and Athanasiou kicked it away. This was also the last good moment of the match.

MVP: Thomas. With a goal – even if it was early – he showed the way to victory in the Panserraikos and mathematical survival. Betancourt was also very active for the winners.

Whistle: No serious mistake appeared to have been made by Gortsila. In Panseraikos’ penalty for 2-0 against Warda, it went towards the white bullet, before the assistant signaled offside, but thanks to VAR, the latter’s error was corrected. He immediately awarded the penalty for the 2-1 win by Leo, which the VAR agreed with.

The film of the fight

Panserraikos (Pablo Garcia): Katsikas – Bergstrom, Deliggianidis, Avlonitis, , Petaurakis – Ouedraogo, Oikonomou (77′ Staikos), Tomas (Dunkerlouis), Warda – Alexics (77′ Hadjistravos), Betancourt (65′ Gouleri)

PAS Ioannina (Mihalis Grigoriou): Athanasiou – Soria, Pantelakis (49′ Bakadimas), Eramouspe, Kiakos (46′ Panagos) – Gino (Begala), Rienstra (46′ Kyrkos), Karachalios – Leo (72′ Pamlidis), Rosero, Conte

Referee: Efstathios Gortsilas

Assistants: Achilleas Nikzas, Nikolaos Torosiadis

Fourth: Konstantinos Poulikidis

VAR: John Papadopoulos

AVAR: Petros of Patras

Source: Sport Fm

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