Grigonis: “We must not lose our concentration – We are not interested in 0-2 from Maccabi”


On Tuesday night (20:30), o Panathinaikos AKTOR will welcome her Maccabi Tel Aviv in the packed OAKA, in the first game between them for the Euroleague playoffs.

As part of the media day ahead of Game 1 of the series, in addition to Ergin Atamanalso spoke Marius Grigonis for tomorrow’s mission of the “greens”.

The Lithuanian forward of the “clover” was reported on details that will judge the outcome of the match, but also in concentration which Panathinaikos should have in order to take the first and decisive step towards qualification.

At the same time, he commented on the fact that the “greens” have two defeats this year against Maccabi, while he also spoke about the duo of Brown-Baldwin.

The statements of Marius Grigonis in detail:

For the game against Maccabi: “We have to look at each game individually. Let’s be focused. It is a very important game. We must not lose our concentration and do our work. In basketball, the point is to score more points than your opponent. If you play good defense, even better. There are many elements that will make a difference. We have to want it more and put out more energy.”

Regarding the fact that Panathinaikos has already experienced two defeats against Maccabi: “We are not interested in 0-2. It’s a completely different game. We know what we are capable of doing and we will prove it on the field.”

On who is better for Maccabi. Brown or Baldwin: “It depends on the day. Both are very good players, they score, they create and they can score in many ways.”

Source: Sport Fm

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