Da Silva: “Olympiacos is a different team from our last games”


Olympiacos is getting ready for the first game against Barcelona at “Palau Blaugrana”, as part of the Euroleague playoffs (24/04, 22:00).

The forward/center of the Catalans, Oscar Da Silvaspoke on his team’s official website about the start of the pair, stressing that her two victories Barcelona against the “red and whites” in the Regular Season are of no importance, since his team Giorgos Bartzokas it has improved a lot since then.

In detail what he said:

On whether Olympiacos is the same team that Barcelona beat twice: “Of course not. I think teams change a little bit in the playoffs. And they had injuries to deal with in those two games. They also have a new center (sb. Wright) who I don’t think played in those two games with us. I think it will be a very different team than it was last time. But we’ve played with them twice and know everything about them. They are a team that deserves respect, as do we. It would be nice to beat such a good team and get into the Final Four.”

On home advantage and what it wants to tell the world: “First, to continue to support us as they have done all season. They give us so much energy and it really helps when we play in Palau. There are few stadiums where games are experienced with such intensity as here. I hope everyone will come to Palau to enjoy the most important games of the season so far.”

Source: Sport Fm

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