The PAOK line-up: Many changes against Lamia


PAOK is hosted by Ghoul (17:00) in the match that opens the curtain of the 7th matchday of the Stoiximan Super League playoffs.

THE Razvan Lucescu takes his team down with the classic 4-2-3-1, making several changes. The Michaelidis, Rafa Soares, Ozdoev, Marcos Antonio and Samata among other things, they are in the starting lineup, with the Romanian coach giving breaths and refreshing his team.

PAOK (Razvan Lucescu): Kotarski – Sastre, Kenziora, Michaelidis, Rafa Soares – Ozdoev, Schwab – Despodov, Marcos Antonio, Constantelias – Samata.

On the bench the Z. Zivkovic, Vieirinia, Otto, Baba, Koulierakis, Meite, Murg, Tyson, Brandon.

And the Lamia lineup:

Lamia (Leonidas Vokolos): Koselev – Simon, Kornezos, Giannoutsos, Sidkley – Nunes, Zandaris – Slivka, Tsiloulis, Martinez – Maltsi.

On the bench the
Hadjiemmanouil, Stanko, Vasilantonopoulos, Tosic, Amaral, Lake, Tsoukalos, Tereziou, Kontonikos.

Source: Sport Fm

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