Title performance and +4 for the terrible AEK!


A decisive step for winning the championship for the second year in a row was made by AEKwhich took big win, 3-0against Panathinaikos and escaped to +4 from the “green” three games before the final of the Stoiximan Super League playoffs.

Great protagonist for the Union o Eliassonwho scored twice, with Ponce also finding the back of the net.

Excellent match from Pinedas too, on a bad night all his… weapons Fatih Terim midfield, with the “clover” staying in second place and +3 from PAOK, with a match more.

In the coach’s mind

With formation 4-4-2 walked o Matias Almeida. Athanasiadis defended the home side, with Rota, Cullens, Vida and Hadjisafi in defence. Jonson and Szymanski were chosen in a central role, with Pineda and Eliasson on the wings. On offense, Araujo played just behind Ponce.

On the other hand, Mr Fatih Terim chose 4-3-3, with Dragovski under the posts and Kotsira, Jedvai, Akaidin and Huancar in defence. Arao, Tserin and Baksetas played a trio in the center, with Palasios and Limnios on the wings and Ioannidis in front.

The match

The hosts entered the derby stronger, with Ponce to send the ball just wide with a header in the 6th minute.

Seconds later, a mistake in the midfield by Panathinaikos gave the opportunity to Eliasson to move dangerously outside the area and to score with a nice shot!

The “greens” raised their lines and had a chance with his misplaced volley Palasios in the 9th minute, however, the hosts quickly leveled the situation. Dragovski comfortably stopped his header Vida at 21′, while his shot Ponce in the 26th minute he went out.

This was followed by a marking by Araucho on Kotsiras on the edge of the area he brought reactions in the ranks of Panathinaikos, with Ioannidis in 34′ to have a header out after Bakaseta’s cross.

Finally, four minutes later AEK reached a second goalby Ponce to take advantage of Akaidin’s disastrous mistake and finish the period perfectly for 2-0!

The second part started with Term to pass Sporar and Vilena, wanting to quickly find a goal that would put his team back in the match.

A long shot of it Ioannidis in 47′ he was easy prey for Athanasiadis, while the same player missed a similar attempt in 54′.

Gradually the hosts balanced the situation and threatened him Shimanskywho made a nice effort and shot in the 59th minute, sending the ball into Dragovski’s arms.

Two minutes later, the “yellow and black” made it 3-0 in an unlikely phase with Pinedawho made a… party from the left and entered the area, shooting over the bar beam. In returning the ball, Ponce made the turn but the goalkeeper of Panathinaikos saved with the help of the crossbar!

Nevertheless, the third goal came for AEK in the 69th‘, with Gacinovic not being able to beat Dragovski up close but him Eliasson to take the… rebound, giving dimensions of triumph to the looming victory of his team.

A lost four of his Pineda in the 79th minute, it was the last notable phase of the match, with AEK easily keeping their home goal intact.

MVP: Many have distinguished themselves for AEK, but it is impossible not to focus on Niklas Eliasson. With Olympiakos he redeemed his team in the 90′, against Panathinaikos he opened and closed the score, scoring two goals for the first time in a match with the yellow and black. Close by and the terrible Pineda, who deserved a goal but was involved in both of the Swede’s.

The… whistle: The phase of the 27th minute brought strong reactions from the people of Panathinaikos towards Delazo, as Araujo clumsily fell on Kotsiras inside the area, but the French referee did not indicate the penalty. In fact, the protests on the part of the guests also brought heaps of yellow cards to the bench.

The teams’ lineups

AEK (M. Almeida): Athanasiadis, Rota (76′ Mitoglou), Cullens, Vida, Hadjisafi, Simanski, Jonsson, Pineda (81′ Mandalos), Eliasson (76′ Amrabad), Araujo (58′ Gacinovic), Ponce (76′ Garcia)

On the counter: Stankovic, Sidibe, Ljubicic, Zuber

Panathinaikos (F. Term): Dragovski, Kotsiras (76′ Vaiannidis), Gedvai, Akaidin, Huancar (64′ Mladenovic), Arao, Cerin, Bakasetas (64′ Verbic), Palasios (46′ Vilena), Limnios (46′ Sporar), Ioannidis

On the counter: Lodingin, Zeka, Ugo, Djuricic

Referee: Delazo

Assistants: Ervan, Philip

4th: Diamantopoulos

VAR: Kastro, Psaris

See HERE the live of sport-fm.gr.

Source: Sport Fm

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