“The decision for a jam ball in the phase with Lessor is correct – Nimbo clearly stepped on the line”


THE Panathinaikos AKTOR defeated in Game 3 by Maccabi with 85-83 and found himself with his back against the wall in terms of qualifying for the Final Four, however, he had major complaints from the referee of this match, even filing a double objection for two phases in the last minute.

The former top level referee in Europe and referee coach, Todd Warnickanalyzed these two at BasketNews disputed phasesjustifying the protests of the “greens” regarding one of them.

Specifically, regarding the phase with protagonists Lorenzo Brown and the Matias Lessor at 15.5 seconds, he called all the referees’ decisions correct. Initially, she pointed out that she did not count her guard’s basket correctly Maccabias the tall Frenchman touched it dashboardbut not with abnormal way and without affecting the course of the ball.

On the other hand, however, he pointed out that the referees they decided to give jamball and not possession to Panathinaikos ACTORsince when the initial whistle blew to count Brown’s basket, there was none clear possession of one group or the other, so the regulation defines jamball.

Regarding the other disputed phase, which took place in About 56 secondsWarnick vindicated the shamrock’s protests by expressing his surprise that the referee, who was right next to the phase, did not notice that the Josh Nimbo clearly stepped on the line.

Watch the analysis video:

Source: Sport Fm

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