Great Ipswich, returned to the Premier League after 22 years – The “4” of the playoffs and the… relegated!


Back in the Premier League Ipswich! His omadara Kieran McKennaunwrapped all the gifts of Leeds and with its dominance 2-0 over Huddersfield, became the second team, after Leicesterwhich was promoted to the big category!

Return after 22 years in the… lounges for Ipswich, who just one season after being promoted to the Championship, made the… back to back on the rise!

Burns opened the scoring for Ipswich in the first half, only for Hutchinson to set up the final score early in the second half.

Incredible scenes at Portman Road with thousands of supporters storming the pitch after the final whistle to celebrate promotion to the Premier League!

At the same time, Leeds wait for a… miracle in order to be that team that would follow Leicester! However, the “peacocks” experienced defeat 2-1 to Southampton and finished in 4th place in the standings and will claim the last ticket through the playoffs! The “Saints” are in 4th place, with the top six completed by Norwich and West Brom!

Regarding the relegation Birmingham despite their victory over Norwich, they took the lead in League One, where they were followed by Huddersfield and Rotherham.

The pairings of the promotion playoffs:


Southampton-West Brom

The results of the 46th and last matchday:

Saturday 4/5

West Brom-Preston 3-0

Ipswich-Huddersfield 2-0

Coventry-QPR 1-2

Leicester-Blackburn 0-2

Leeds-Southampton 1-2

Middlesbrough-Watford 3-1

Birmingham-Norwich 1-0

Plymouth-Hull 1-0

Rotherham-Cardiff 5-2

Sunderland-Sheffield Wednesday 0-2

Swansea-Millwall 0-1

Stoke-Bristol City 4-0

The rating:

Source: Sport Fm

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