Panathinaikos closes Baldock for the new season!


It seems that he is completing his second transfer ahead of the new season Panathinaikos!

The “clover” moved with extreme secrecy and closes, as it turns out from England, the George Baldockwho is released in a few months from Sheffield Unitedas Tasos Nikologiannis pointed out on bwinSPORT FM.

In fact, the Panathinaikos reporter stated that it is possible that the deal will be formalized in the next few days, which everything indicates will have a three-year duration between the two sides. This move is not confirmed, but neither is it denied by the clover!

It is a move with which the Panathinaikos raises the quality of his roster even more, making it his own the main right back of the National team and a player with many appearances from the highest level and the English league.

At the same time, with this transfer, and since it is formally completed, the Greek element increases even more in the “greens”, having acquired in the recent period of January and Bakaseta, Limnio.

The 31-year-old full-back has been playing for the last seven years in the Sheffield United, with whose jersey he has made 219 appearances with 6 goals and 16 assists. This season he has played 13 matches, having “created” a goal for his teammate.

THE Baldock is expected to be his second move Panathinaikou in view of the next season, with the aim of returning to the top of the Greek league. The first has been locked for several months, after the agreement with the Serbian international midfielder was announced, Nemanja Maksimovic.

Source: Sport Fm

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