Campacho: “Olympiacos remains very dangerous despite the losses of Sluka and Vezenkov”


Olympiacos remains a dangerous team, despite the departures of Sluka and Vezenkov, Facundo Campacho points out in his statements ahead of the semi-final between the two teams in the Final-4 of the Euroleague. The ace of Real Madrid emphasizes that the red and whites want a lot of attention and wishes to break this year the curse which wants the teams that finish first in the standings of the regular season not to win the trophy.

In detail what he said, among others, to “Eurohoops”:

For the MVP award of the season, which went to Mike James:

“I don’t feel MVP. You journalists can say that. When the team plays well, every unit within it levels up.”

For the… curse of whoever finishes in 1st place in the regular season:

“May this curse be broken this year. We will do everything in our power to stop it here. Of course, it’s always harder to win in the Final Four because it’s only one game, but we have players and a coaching staff with a winning mentality.”

On the fact that Olympiacos lost Sasha Vezenkov – Kosta Sluka in the summer, but qualified for the Final Four again:

“This achievement is of great value. They may have lost those two players but in general they have kept the same plan, they have the same coach and they come with the experience of the previous Final Four, which makes them a very dangerous team.”

Source: Sport Fm

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