Larentzakis: “We’re only going for the trophy, hungrier and more experienced this year”


THE Giannoulis Larentzakis estimates that the Olympic more determined and “wise” from the experiences of recent years, he is only going to win the Euroleague in Berlin.

We go there even more experienced, hungrier to get to the end. More or less the team is on the same level. There is experience from all the children. The coach gives what is needed with speeches and training before this four days. The pressure is always there. However, pressure and stress should make you better and bring out your survival instinct. Let’s go for the title, nothing less“, he pointed out.

For Real, even if last year’s lost Final Four in Kaunas is in mind, he said:It certainly crosses our minds. But we have played against Real again this year. But we know its potential and its weaknesses. We go there as a team, everyone sacrifices themselves, gives everything they can to get to the final. The game is not very easy».

As for the differences and similarities compared to last year, he said:We have said that when the team is complete we will see a completely different Olympiakos, which happened in the second round. We went on a tremendous winning streak. We know the size of Real Madrid. I think we’re playing pretty well and there’s a lot of optimism and eagerness to play the game».

Regarding the strength of Olympiakos in defense, he said:It’s a combination I think. Certainly these games are won by personalities. But the team can manage a difficult situation in the game and continue. But whether the games are close in the end will come down to the personalities of each team».

Asked if he would like to have series of matches instead of knockout semi-finals and final, he replied: “The truth is that the streak shows who is better over time. The better team has a better chance of going through. My personal opinion is that the Final Four has a special glamour, they are knockout games, anything can happen, all teams have a chance to claim the title. The series of matches has its own beauty. We already play a lot of games during the year».

Commenting on the level of the Final 4 this year he said: “They are the best four teams per year. This happens every year. The level is high».

Finally, on whether the last shot will turn the tables this year: “I wish it didn’t get there and we would have won much earlier».

Source: Sport Fm

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