Jolie Fortuna embraced promotion to the Bundesliga with new “orgies”!


Embrace with her return to the “living rooms” of the Bundesliga after four years is the Fortuna which got a huge “double” at home Bochum!

The Dusseldorf team prevailed 3-0 in the first game between them for the relegation/promotion barragetaking a huge step ahead of the rematch scheduled for next Monday (27/5, 21:30, remember that the away goal rule does not apply) at its stadium.

In another match where the visitors had “ours” as the main protagonist. Christos Joliwho had participation in all three goals of his team!

The Greek ace – and “golden cannon” of Germany’s second division this season – took it upon himself in yet another match. After all, from his own direct corner kick at 13′ it came from 0-1by Hoffman to miscalculate and mistakenly send the ball into his team’s net from close range.

Fortuna stepped up even more in the second half and cashed in. Jolis made a “sick” assist for the 0-2 by Clos in the 64′while the third goal came at 72′ after the direct foul of the Greek ace, with Engelhardt to take the “rebound” and shape the final 0-3. So Bochum is very close to being relegated after three years.

Source: Sport Fm

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