Nicole Eleftheriadou: “It’s very difficult to always be at the top”


The “sceptres” of the champion of Greece for the eleventh consecutive year were retained by the Women’s polo team Olympiakouwith the “red and white” winning the title after and their third victory over her Vouliagmenis with 10-7!

After the end of the match, Nicole Eleftheriadou, visibly moved, she mentioned how difficult it is to maintain the team all these years at the top of the Greek pole, stressing that every year she feels the same pride and emotion as the first time!

Nicole Eleftheriadou’s statements in detail:

To win the championship: “I think when someone who doesn’t live with us every day and hasn’t seen Olympiakos, how difficult it is to always be at the top, they can’t understand what we feel.

However, the fact that we have reached three finals, one we won today, the other two we didn’t make it, shows this: the persistence of always being at the top, because success will not always come.

The point is that you want to be there. The team is just hungry to be there, every year.”

On what stands out from this year’s team: “There is a lot of humor in the team this year, a lot of spirit. The girls each know their role, both the youngest and the oldest, and we have made a formidable ensemble.”

For being excited: “I’m definitely very excited. It’s my 9th championship, every year I feel the same, it doesn’t change, you don’t get used to it.”

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