KAE Panathinaikos AKTOR: “We do not respond to any kind of challenge, we only support with our voice”


They are careful to… have AKTOR in Panathinaikos, ahead of tomorrow’s (05/06), the first final against Olympiakos, for this year’s Stoiximan Basket League.

With the people of the “green” KAE issuing today (04/06) an announcement-warning for the match inside the Olympic facilities.

Through this, therefore, they draw the attention of the Panathinaikos world regarding their behavior in the game, while at the same time they ask the friends of the “clover” to create the well-known “hot” atmosphere.

In fact, a special mention is made to those who will watch the derby from the court seats of OAKA, emphasizing to be dignified and not to respond to any possible challenge!

The relevant announcement in detail:

“In view of tomorrow’s first final of the Play Offs of the Stoiximan Basket League against Olympiakos (5/6, 21:15), KAE Panathinaikos AKTOR would like to inform its fans of the strict security measures that will be in place.

The new law is particularly strict, providing for “heavy” penalties, immediately applicable, which go as far as banning fans from entering the stadium and holding matches behind closed doors.

That is why we support the team only with our voice, in our own, unique way. Under no circumstances do we use laser devices and smoke generators, as the penalties will be a given.

Special attention is required from court-side ticket holders due to their position on the court. We don’t respond to any kind of challenge and we don’t let anyone spoil the unique atmosphere we have created in our “home”, OAKA, this season!”

Source: Sport Fm

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