Complaints about the referee Karpanos with spikes from Olympiakos

Complaints about the referee Karpanos with spikes from Olympiakos

Great dissatisfaction prevails in Olympiakos with the refereeing of the fifth final against Panathinaikoswhere the “greens” they prevailed 87-82.

The “red and white” have strong complaints mainly from Ilias Karpanosaccusing him of “upside down” whistles and suggesting that the young referee “bent” by the targeting he received both from specific media and from the owner of the “green” OEM, Dimitris Giannakopouloswho posted on his personal Instagram account a photo of his wife, after the first final, while at the same time feeling more pressure from the slogans written by strangers under his house.

Specifically, at Olympiakos they believe that Ilias Karpanos he did not give a foul by Juancho Hernangomet to Filip Petrusev, in claiming the rebound at the end of the third period, with the Spaniard taking the advantage and scoring, making it 65-64. In fact, after the “greens” had completed the five team goals, then the Serbian forward would be entitled to free throws at the expiration of the quarter.

Also, the same referee in the fourth period he did not give a foul against Dinos Mitoglou on Kostas Papanikolaou again in contention for a rebound, with the forward of Panathinaikos scoring, while – according to Olympiakos – after the “green” had again completed five team fouls, then it would be free throws for Piraeus.

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