Clears for Amrabad and at least one transfer to AEK

Clears for Amrabad and at least one transfer to AEK

His arrival Matias Almeida today in Athens he is launching developments in his transfer affairs AEK. The “yellow and black” get into preparation from Friday, while on Friday the team leaves for the Netherlands, where the main stage will take place.

By Sunday, it is possible that “Union” will have completed its first transfer. Several cases “run” in parallel in the last few days and it is possible that there will be announcements soon, although it is clear that the Argentinian coach does not want to make hasty moves but the best possible options, even if they take time.

Already, after all, AEK shows a willingness to wait and fight them difficult cases of Thomas Strakosa and Dimitris Giannoulis. At the same time, Almeida has asked him Nordin Amrabad to give him as soon as possible his final answer to the renewal proposal submitted to him. The Moroccan is in a dilemma, he is considering some impacts from the Netherlands (where his family is located), but none of them fully cover him financially or competitively. It is not unlikely that, if the 37-year-old ace says “yes” to AEK, he will meet the mission directly in the Netherlands. If he answers in the negative, then AEK will also move to the right wing. It is clear, however, that Almeida would like the reassurance that Amrabad offers him.

Source: Sport Fm

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