Corinthians delays definition of TV rights due to ‘chaos’, and upsets leagues and Globo

Corinthians delays definition of TV rights due to ‘chaos’, and upsets leagues and Globo

Gabriel Vaquer

In addition to all the off-field problems it has been facing, Corinthians has one more to resolve: the definition of the sale of the rights to broadcast its games on TV from the 2025 Brazilian Championship onwards.

The delay in concluding the situation is bothering the two organized leagues, Libra, which has Flamengo, Palmeiras and São Paulo, and Liga Forte União, which has teams from São Paulo and clubs such as Fortaleza, Botafogo and Fluminense.

According to the F5, Corinthians said, months ago, that it would resolve everything by the end of the first semester. This will not be what will happen, as the definition will be postponed for a few more weeks.

The two leagues are holding talks with the São Paulo team. The sports marketing agency Brax also made a proposal to the club, promising a value of over R$200 million per year. Brax understands the current situation and awaits a response.

The one most bothered by the delay is Libra, which has a contract with Globo. Having Corinthians would be a great response to the advancement of the LFU, which has been successful in convincing that its business model is more advantageous for members.

In the case of Globo, the broadcaster does not hide its discontent with the lack of definition, especially because the presence of Corinthians in a package changes the way it sells the Brazilian Championship to advertisers.

Globo begins negotiating sponsorships for its football broadcasts in the first half of the year. The value of the business depends on what it has to offer. With Libra, Globo already maintains the number of games it normally plays on open TV, but with Corinthians, it would have a plus to offer.

To interlocutors, Corinthians president Augusto Melo has stated that all proposals are already with the legal department, and that the issue should be defined soon. The problem is that everyone wants to know when to move on with life.

In recent days, Corinthians has been experiencing times of chaos. Goalkeeper Carlos Miguel, replacement for Cruzeiro’s Cássio, is also leaving, leaving the less experienced Matheus Donelli and Felipe Longo as options.

Shortly afterwards, VaideBet announced the unilateral termination of the sponsorship contract with the club, presented with pomp in January, as the biggest in the history of Brazilian football.

The decision undermined President Augusto Melo, who is being investigated for this arrangement with the bookmaker and saw two more important directors leave his management: the financial director, Rozallah Santoro, and the assistant director of football, Fernando Alba, who in practice was the director – the incumbent, Rubens Gomes, known as Rubão, had already left.

Source: Folha

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