Juancho: “I am very happy that Lorenzo Brown is coming to Panathinaikos AKTOR, he is a great player”

Juancho: “I am very happy that Lorenzo Brown is coming to Panathinaikos AKTOR, he is a great player”

Happy that he will also work with Panathinaikos AKTOR after the Spanish national team with him Lorenzo Brown – whom he deified – declared the Juancho Hernagometh.

The “trefoil” forward spoke in his homeland ahead of the Pre-Olympic tournament in Valencia (2-7/7), also referring to the season he had with the “greens”.

In detail, Huacho talked about:

– the transfer of Lorenzo Brown to Panathinaikos: It’s another plus. He’s a great player, he was one of the best point guards this past season. We played against him in the playoffs and he made it very difficult for us every game. I am very happy that he is coming, we won the Eurobasket with him, he is a great player. I have played very well with him. He is great».

-the year completed:It’s been a pretty tough year, it’s been a rollercoaster. I enjoy the happy moments and learn from the hard times and injuries. I rate the season very positively, especially the titles and winning the league by coming back from 2-0 down at Olympiakos. It was a historic season».

– the Pre-Olympics with Spain: “There is pressure in every match against Spain. We have to live it with enthusiasm, with the opportunity to qualify at home. Let the sports fans come, let them enjoy us playing in our country. Together we can achieve this great goal.”

-his status, since he joined the mission last:I see me very well. These days I’m working on tactics and fitness. After a few days off, it costs me a bit more, but I see the team quite well and motivated for the goal

There are summers where you have to play more, some less. But always play for the team. That’s the secret. Fight on the floor, put egos aside and fight for the team, to get the medals. That was the philosophy. The veterans, the families, have taught us so much and what we will try to instill in the youth».

Source: Sport Fm

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