Belgium brought Romania to its knees and… destruction in the group!

Belgium brought Romania to its knees and… destruction in the group!

He “cleaned up” Romania and made… mill the group Belgium!

The company of De Bruyne and Lukaku prevailed 2-0 in Cologne for the 2nd matchday Euro 2024 and made a save, coming off the loss to Slovakia.

THE Tielemans he paved the way to victory for the “red devils” in just the 2nd minute, opening the scoring with a powerful shot, but Tedesco’s team did not finish the match, despite having the chances, reaching a stressful victory. In the end, he embraced the “three points” with his goal De Bruyne in the 80’s. Since it was canceled in the 62nd minute 3rd goal (for offside on the… toe of the shoe this time) of Lukaku in this year’s event.

In the coach’s mind:

With 3-4-3 Tedesco lined up Belgium, giving Vertonghen the starting shirt. Under the posts was Castells, with Castañed, Faes and Vertonghen making up the trio in defence. Doku, Tielemans, Onana and Teat were the four in the center, while De Bruyne and Lukebakio were on the “wings”, with Lukaku being the tip of the spear.

With 4-1-4-1 Iordanescu lined up Romania. Nitsa was in goal, Raciu, Dragusin, Burca, Bancu the four in defense, M. Marin had the role of “sweeper”, Mann, R. Marin, Stanciu and Mihaila the midfield four and Dragus was at the top.

The match

Belgium’s need for a win was huge and one way was a strong start. Tedesco’s players entered the pitch like “red devils”, making an ideal start. Since they were just needed 74 seconds to open the scoring. Lukaku went on the counter, passed to Doku, who again passed to the team’s 31-year-old forward and he laid the ball in Tielemanswho with a shot just outside the area, sent it into the net.

This goal allowed the match to gain an excellent pace, as the plan that the Romanians might have had for a tight game, got… a walk with the “good morning”. They did not take long to find their first phase, with M. Marin crossing nicely from the left and Burkas to find Castel readys, with the head he made.

THE Tielemans in 11′ he shot from the spot where he scored in 2′, with the ball finding bodies, while Belgium had a clear chance for 2-0 in 13′. Lukaku got rid of his personal rival with his clearance, but then couldn’t execute as he wanted from a great position, the ball went against Dragusin and went wide for a corner.

The “red devils” had a good time and shortly after, with him Lukebaki to bring the ball to the left, but Nitsa had an answer to the sweet place he made. In the 23rd minute, Docu broke in from the left, he was in a position to shoot, but the Romanians cut him off at the last moment.

One of Romania’s few and most remarkable phases in the first half happened in the 24th minute, with Mihaila going on the counterattack, but his shot found Vertonghen. Possession of the ball even reached the 72%-28% in favor of Belgiumth, which had a great chance for 2-0 in the 43′. THE Lukebaki distributed verticals for De Bruyne, but surprisingly the Manchester City ace’s shot was weak. The last notable moment before the break came from Romania, with Burca’s header in the 45th minute.

Romania regrouped in the break and entered the second half strongly, missing a good moment in the 48th minute. He went against him Michaelabut his finish was not good, with the ball going well over the opponent’s goal.

De Bruyne took more initiatives in the second half and in the 55th minute he had a good moment but was told “no” by Nice. The collaboration of the City ace with Lukaku brought to 58′ Doku in position to shoot, but the latter’s shot was very poor.

Soon after, Romania had one of their best moments of the match. THE Radiu went straight awaybut Vertonghen with his experience “cleared” the phase, covering with his body and then moving away.

In the 63′, Belgium celebrated, but did not make it 2-0. By De Bruyne to find Lukaku with a slash, who this time finished the phase correctly, but unfortunately for him, he was offside on the… toe of the boot. Three minutes later, the ball did not have the same outcome in a shot by the 31-year-old forward, with Nitsa blocking.

Belgium did not finish the gamegiving courage to Romania, who in the 68th minute had their best phase of the match, with Mann coming face to face with Castells, who was the winner in their 4-a-4.

De Bruyne finished the game as far as the case was concerned “three points” in the 80′, as he received the ball after Castells’ volley and beat Nitsa. Game over, however, was not scored at that point as Romania pushed to reduce, knowing that one goal could prove to be “golden” in the group’s coffers.

Watch the match live here.

MVP: De Bruyne. Tielemans may have opened the way to victory in just 2 minutes, but he did not last long in the game, while Lukaku was again ineffective and unlucky. City’s ace had a good second half, he was in almost all the phases that Belgium created and “cleaned up” the match in the 80th minute.

Belgium (Domenico Tedesco): Castells – Castañe, Faes, Vertonghen – Doku (72′ Carrasco), Tielemans (72′ Mangala), Onana, Teat (77′ Debast) – De Bruyne, Lukebaccio (56′ Trossard), Lukaku

Romania (Eduard Iordanescu): Nice – Raciu (89′ Sorescu), Dragusin, Burca, Bancu – M. Marin (68′ Olaru) – Mann, R. Marin, Stanciu, Mihaila (68′ Hadji) – Dragus (81′ Alibek)

Source: Sport Fm

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