Tsorbatzoglou: “PAOK should not underestimate the championship. He will pay for it “


The image of Toumba’s leave and the appearance of PAOK against OFI was commented by Dimitris Tsorbatzoglou in BwinSPORT FM 94.6.

«We and we were. I ask for the opinion of those who could and did not go. Some are unvaccinated, others have had movement problems and others have become alienated from the situation that exists from certain people. They make a refusal, they do not want to go to the stadium and others do not want to leave the stadium to those who want a different climate in Toumba. But PAOK must study it. Yesterday’s image of the stadium with 2,000-3,000 fans was shocking, especially after a qualification in Europe“, The team reporter initially stated.

«The stadium is empty, the team is empty. PAOK could not cover so many absences. He could not have the same, similar or some to look like his normal eleven. He could have won yesterday, but the picture could not have been better. Paschalakis was the Savior of PAOK, with nice calm in the game. With so many absences gathered. Biseswar has reached the red and the absences could not be covered. On the other hand, a message should not be sent to the whole of PAOK, that it underestimates the championship and that the European course is a priority.“, He added.


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