Kalentzou: “To take advantage of our superiority in the basket”


The second step for the qualification to the Eurobasket of 2023 wants to take the Women’s National Team, which this afternoon (18.00, ERTFLIX) faces Portugal in “F. Amoridis” of Xanthi. Tula Kalentzou, one of the collaborators of Petros Prekas, deciphers the current opponent and refers to the characteristics of her game.

«Portugal is a team whose strength is in the periphery. She is very fast and likes fast play and many attacks. He pushes in many ways all over the field and tries to disorganize the opponent. So our main goal is to control the pace of the game from the beginning, to avoid mistakes and of course to take advantage of our quality as a team and our superiority in the basket. Portugal is a team that does not have the big star and does not single out any player. They share everything, but the region has a key role in its offensive part, while it has good and fast guards. For our part, we should not be carried away by its rhythm».

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