Zervas: “In 15-20 days Eisi will be ready”


On the condition of the newcomer Quincy Aisy Nikos Zervas spoke on the bwinSPORT FM show, “Basketballs”.

The basketball reporter of Olympiakos said characteristically: “There should be management for Fal. I am inspired by Martin’s situation, especially in defense. He has good finishes in the attack, but he can not follow in “one against one”. There is an issue behind Fal and that is why Olympiacos took Eisi. If he does in the 10-15 minutes he will play, what he did in Maccabi, then he will be ideal for Olympiakos. For psychological reasons he can go to the match with Efes. In 15-20 days it will be ready. I think we will see him after the break. It will be a risk to see him sooner. ”

Regarding the defeat by Zenit, he stressed: “The main reason that Olympiacos was defeated by Zenit was that there were no solutions on the frontline. Fal had broken out. The regional defense in St. Petersburg did not go well. This was the worst appearance of the team this year. The 6-3 gives him the comfort not to hurry. Bartzokas’ first thought is to use Eisi in position “5”. In a month, I do not rule out that he will change Martin as well “.

Regarding the presence of Sloukas, he said: “Sloukas is definitely not the number one defender in Europe. You have to create the conditions in the top five so that it is “hidden” in some situations. I can not accept that in the end Sloukas will mark Lloyd. He will not rest after the attack. Olympiacos has used the fewest fives in the entire Euroleague. The player allotment time allocation intervals should be slightly different. Make the division of labor more flexible. It’s also a matter of the day. ”

End, Nikos Zervas referred to both matches coming for the “red and whites”: “Efes is at the border. He does not have much room for loss anymore. The match with Olympiakos is do or die for them. It will be good to fill SEF against Maccabi. This is the most important game of the devil week “.


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