“Bronze” Papageorgiou at -46 kg of the European Taekwondo for teenagers / young people


Olga Papageorgiou with two victories in three matches won the third place in the European Junior Taekwondo Championship in Sarajevo, raising to four the total number of Greek medals in the Bosnian event.

Papageorgiou in the round of 16 defeated the Irish Murray 22-17, while in the quarterfinals it took the decision of the referees with the completion of the Golden Score (0-0, 19-19) to celebrate her entry in the medals against Tourkala Koseoglou.

In the semifinals, the Greek champion seemed capable of winning against Bandioli (No. 4) in the world, but did not succeed. It was defeated 11-8 by its Italian opponent, thus occupying the third place in the final ranking.

Fifth place for Ergati, Sargantani and Mareti

Eleni Ergati (-52k.), Despite the fact that she knocked out the Italian Maestro, No.-3 in the world and No.-1 on the board (21-19), remained in fifth place after the defeat by the Belarusian Smitskova (0-4).

The Greek champion started her obligations from the round of “32”, where she defeated the Russian Dorosheva with relative ease (22-7).

For her part, Hariklia Sargantani (-49k.), Claimed the equal victory against the No.-1 of the world, the French Kamkasoumfou, but in the details she lost her entry in the medals (7-8). In the round of 16, the Greek champion defeated the Finnish Ravaska 24-4.

Finally, Rafael-Ioannis Maretis (+ 78k.), In the “battle” of the athletes who occupy the sixth place in the world ranking in October, was defeated 32-24 by the Ukrainian Lipatov, occupying the fifth place. In the round of 16, Maretis defeated Moldavian Kozmic 15-3.

The current results of the Greeks:




Maretis-Lipatov (Ukraine) 24-32

Round 16

Maretis-Kozmic (Moldova) 15-3


Round 16

Pappas-Barretta (Italy) 13-21




Papageorgiou-Bandioli (Italy) 8-11


Papageorgiou-Koseoglou (Turkey) 0-0 GS winner Papageorgiou by decision of the referees (19-19)

Round 16

Papageorgiou-Murray (Ireland) 22-17



Ergati-Smitskova (Belarus) 0-4

Round 16

Worker-Maestro (Italy) 21-19

Round 32

Worker-Dorosheva (Russia) 22-7



Sargantani-Kamkassoumfou (France) 7-8

Round 16

Sargantani-Ravaska (Finland) 24-4

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