Without international success, Arsenal is surpassed by Saudi team in Ranking Folha


Not even when Arsenal had their big moment this century, with their Premier League triumphs in the 2000/01 and 2003/04 seasons, did Arsenal achieve international titles. Now, suffering on the national scene, he has been falling in the Folha Ranking of world football.

Published since 2002, the list counts cups and vice-championships in international tournaments with representation, official character and sequence. The problem is that the traditional London club has not been succeeding outside English territory – and has had very limited glories within it.

In the 2020/21 edition of their national tournament, the Premier League, Arsenal was only in eighth place. Thus, it did not qualify for the Champions League, the Europa League or the much less expressive Conference League.

As a result, in 2021/22 it is restricted to domestic disputes. In 2020/21, he still had a relatively long campaign in the Europa League, but ended up being defeated by Spain’s Villarreal in the semifinals.

Thus, the British club was parked at 107 points and dropped from 58th to 59th place. It was overtaken by Saudi Arabia’s Al Hilal, who won Asia’s premier club competition, the AFC Champions League – and gave Chelsea a hard time at the World Cup.

The club took 15 points for the continental title and reached 114, jumping from 62nd to 57th position. Behind, in addition to Arsenal, the also English Tottenham (58th, with 110 points), the Belgian Anderlecht (60th, with 106), the German Borussia Mönchengladbach (61st, with 100) and the Argentine Lanús (tied for 61st, with 100).

Arsenal have not scored in the international Folha Ranking since 2019. On that occasion, they added 10 points for the frustrating runner-up in the Europa League. Lost the decision taking a rout of another team from London: 4 to 1 to Chelsea.

In the 2021 edition, the world champion Chelsea was the one who scored the most: he scored 160 points, totaled 410 and climbed to 21st place. Manchester United, runner-up in the Europa League, added 10, reached 490 and took the 15th position.

Manchester City also had a significant score, which went to the Champions League decision, took 40 points and went on to boast 60, in 92nd place. The best Englishman is still Liverpool, the 2019 world champion, who did not score in 2021, but maintained a good front over their country’s competitors. With 790 points, he is sixth overall.

Select England in the “Country” field and check the position of all English teams in the Folha Ranking:

Questions and answers about Ranking Folha

Since when is the Folha de Futebol Ranking created?

The first edition of the national ranking dates from 1996. Since then, the list has undergone modifications, corrections and revisions. The last major revision took place in 2010. The world ranking began to be published in 2002 and follows the same guidelines as the national list.

Who enters the Folha Ranking?

In the national ranking, only teams that scored points (were champions or runners-up) in national or international competitions appear. In the world ranking, only those who scored in international tournaments.

Which tournaments are considered?

To enter the ranking, a tournament needs to have great representation, official character and sequence. Thus, championships played only once and with no prospect of new editions, such as the super championships held in some states in 2002, are disregarded. Tournaments such as Copa Rio, Copa Suruga, Supercopa do Brasil and Copa Florida, among others, also do not earn ranking points.

Why do tournaments played by only two clubs, such as the Recopa Sudamericana, not give points to the runner-up?

Every team that participates in a tournament like this has already been rewarded, as it gathers winners from previous competitions. It wouldn’t be logical to have a team scoring where it just failed.

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