PAOK is ready to “seal” the qualification


PAOK extended its winning streak in Greece and Europe to the five games after qualifying against Olympiakos in the League Cup “Nikos Samaras” and against Middelfart in Pylaia on Wednesday is preparing to “seal” the qualification in the groups of the men’s Challenge Cup volleyball the 3-0 set in his favor in the first match in Denmark last Wednesday.

For this particular game, Giannis Kalmazidis stressed that: “Certainly, it is a game that we want very much, as it will bring the qualification. One of our main goals for the year is the good course in Europe and that means we have to win tomorrow’s game, which is within our capabilities.

We all know that in order to get a victory or a qualification you have to perform well and our minds have to be in the game and not ‘fly in the clouds’, because we beat Olympiakos. We want to go step by step, passing tomorrow’s game as painlessly as possible, so that we can focus on Saturday’s game in Piraeus for the championship.

We have a big roster of 14 players, which can meet and that helps us for the continuous and demanding games “.

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