Priftis: “Let’s change the climate – Nedovic will come to Munich”


THE Panathinaikos must find the mental and physical reserves to rebuild after the defeat by Zalgiris and in view of the fight with Bayern in Munich on Thursday, as stressed by Dimitris Priftis.

«We expect a very strong team, it is a good team, it is solid. Clearly our image is not the right one, it is not the right one. Obviously our results are very negative. We need to find the mental strength and spiritual reserves to be able to reverse this climate. There is physical fatigue and psychological stress, which we have to manage.

Obviously the program is not easy, but it is not easy for anyone. The sequence of games does not leave much room for training. As I said, the team at the moment has both psychological pressure and physical fatigue, mainly mentally we have to work with each other to present a better picture.

We will see in what condition Nedovic is, he will come to Munich. We hope he is in a situation that can help the team. Obviously, we missed the game with Zalgiris and especially in the attack. “When we have some difficulty and we are not effective in the attack, he is obviously a player, on whom we rely on his attacking ability from the beginning”, stressed the “clover” coach.

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