65-year-old ultramarathon runner loses for 48 h and supports himself with seeds and water


Carlos Freitas, 65, is an experienced ultramarathoner. But even that wasn’t able to avoid the great tribulation that he went through last Sunday (14), when he got lost during a test and was reported missing.

The athlete participated in the Extremo Sul Ultramarathon, starting at Chuí and ending at Praia do Cassino, a 226 km journey along the coast of Rio Grande do Sul. He had been seen for the last time just before halfway through the race, at a base hydration and food, on Saturday (13).

On Sunday, he made contact with his wife and then disappeared. He was not seen by anyone the rest of the way.

The Army, the Fire Department, the Municipal Guard and the Civil Defense set up special forces to look for him in the region.

Freitas was finally found last Tuesday (16), more than 48 hours after starting to be searched, by a group of motorcyclists who were passing in the Taim Park region (more than 150 km in a straight line from the starting point and about 50 km from the finish of the race).

According to the coordinator of Civil Defense, Rudimar Machado, to the Zero Hora site in Rio Grande do Sul, the runner got lost while running along the coast and managed to survive by feeding on seeds and consuming water that he had kept with him.

“He began to hallucinate due to fatigue and decided to lie down close to the pine forest that we have over there. He is very experienced, he managed to keep himself well while awaiting rescue,” Machado told Zero Hora.


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