A motorbike destroyed the grass in the stadium of Aridea!


Unbelievable and yet … Greek. An unknown person was walking in the stadium of Aridea, causing damage to the turf of the stadium of Almopos, which plays in Super League 2. The incident provoked the strong reaction of the team, which in the next match (3rd) plays in Karditsa with the local Anagennisi, but next Wednesday (24/11) welcomes Pierikos.

The announcement of PAE:

«At a time when the management of Almopos is fighting with all its might to ensure excellent conditions in the field and in the stadium of Aridea that meet the strict conditions of Super League 2, “some” pose problems in the smooth operation of our team. Specifically, a stranger with a motorbike considered that the playing field of the Municipal Stadium of Aridea, is a space where he can take his “walks” and destroy the playing field, which was at an excellent level.

As soon as we realized the disaster it caused we called the police who are investigating the case, we are sure that the perpetrator will be located and will be called to apologize to the authorities for the disaster he caused. We express in the most categorical way our hatred for the incident and we invite anyone who knows something to help the authorities in its investigation. “For our part, we are waiting for the agronomist and the maintainer of the lawn to assess the damage and repair it.”

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