Stormy Unix, made a την pill Armani Milano!


Enjoyable appearance by Unix Kazan, which defeated champion Armani Milano (97-71) in Russia and improved its record (5-5).

Terrifying pluralism for Perasovic’s team, from which Canaan (22 points, 5 rebounds), Mayo (20 points), John Brown (19 points, 5 rebounds) and Spissu (7 points, 6 rebounds, 6 assists) stood out.

Second defeat for the Italians In this year’s Euroleague (8-2), Meli (10 points), Datome (10 points) and Shields (10 points) were saved. Mitoglou in shallow water (4 points).

The match

Armani Milano entered more dynamically in the game and with Shields performing, he gained “air” of 5 points (4-9 in 4 ‘). Messina’s players maintained a small difference, but the hosts reacted with a series of 8-0, reversed the situation and went ahead (19-15), while they closed the quarter with +2 (19-17).

With May shooting from everywhere (10 consecutive points), Unix started furiously in the 2nd period and shot at +14 (36-22 in 14 ‘). Datome tried to keep the Italians standing (41-33 in 18 ‘), but he was fighting alone. The half ended with Perasovic’s team having a clear lead (44-33).

The worst for the leaders of the score came in the 3rd quarter, when and completely surrendered to the appetites of the Russians. With remarkable pluralism in scoring, the hosts ran 11-2 and went even further (57-40 in 25 ‘). Armani players seemed unable to react and accepted a new sub 10-2, which brought them to -22 with the final of the season (71-49).

The nightmare of the Italians continued in the 4th quarter, after Perasovic’s players had found a rhythm and were unstoppable: with a series of 9-0, they reached up to +35 (95-60 in 36 ‘). Somewhere there, Unix raised the parking brake and slowed down. This is how Messina’s team managed to close the gap for the final 97-71.

The quarters: 19-17, 44-33, 71-49, 97-71.

Unix-Armani Milan 97-71

See here the statistics of the match

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