Liolios: “We agree with the concession of OAKA to Panathinaikos, but to ensure space”


The president of the Hellenic Basketball Federation, Vangelis Liolios, stated that he agrees with the announcement of the Hellenic Olympic Committee for the concession of the central hall to Panathinaikos, on the condition that the EEC and the other Federations remain at the OAKA facilities.

“The announcement of EOE reflects all of us, especially me, who firmly believe that the sports facilities must be used properly. All sports facilities must be used properly, in full cooperation with very large organizations such as Panathinaikos, or possibly later KAE Olympiakos, or as happened with KAE AEK, which was granted some facilities, but also respecting basketball itself. , like other sports. “I take it for granted that on the one hand there must be the concession of facilities to help large organizations such as KAE Panathinaikos and we absolutely agree with that because it will raise our sport”, said among others the EEC president, speaking on the radio station Sportfm Patras 96.3 .

“But at the same time, the rest of the space connected with the facilities, such as the EEC offices, must be given to the EEC, with the exact same logic and the same must happen in other sports that are housed there, such as fencing. We have to respect its space or give a clear solution on how it will continue, but that is something that concerns this federation. As far as my Federation and the basketball field are concerned, I take it for granted and I do not think there is any other logic, we all agree to grant the facilities to KAE Panathinaikos, but with the exact same logic to grant them to be used properly by the Federation, offices that have housed the EEC for years “, he added.

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