Opinion – Juca Kfouri: There is so much talk about a coup these days in the country that we run the risk of trivializing it

Opinion – Juca Kfouri: There is so much talk about a coup these days in the country that we run the risk of trivializing it

The 1950s generation grew up living with coups.

The first ones, by Éder Jofre, the best bantamweight in boxing history.

In 1960, against the Mexican Joe Medel, our Golden Rooster was in trouble in the 10th round of the fight that would enable the winner to challenge the world champion Eloy Sanchez.

Squeezed against the ropes, in the corner, Éder threw a punch from the left and knocked out his rival.

Beating Sanchez and retaining the championship belt turned out to be a much smoother task.

In the same 1960s we all got used to the punches of heavyweight Mohamed Ali, the greatest boxer on the planet, who punched and danced like he was joking.

Even those who disliked the so-called Nobre Arte were enthusiastic about the exploits of the little huge Brazilian and the gigantic American who refused to fight in Vietnam.

I wish those blows were the most striking of the decade.

In 1964, the coup in Brazilian democracy took place and we lived 21 years of darkness.

Torture, disappearance of opponents, deaths, censorship, corruption, inflation, barbarism, to interrupt what seemed the most virtuous circle of national life, rocked by Bossa Nova, Cinema Novo, two-time world championship in football and basketball, Maria Esther Bueno, number 1 in tennis in three seasons, Manuel dos Santos world record holder in the 100 meters freestyle, even a two-time world champion in spearfishing, Bruno Hermanny, we had.

We are far from living in such an enchanted and promising environment as then.

We live stunned by the crazy idea of ​​another coup almost 60 years after the one that degraded the Armed Forces.

It sounds like a lie, but judging by what the best journalists in the country write, and the most serious political analysts, we should be concerned.

How to strike the rest of the sick democracy we have had since 2016?

The rejection of the ruler in the Planalto is close to 70% and, unlike in 1964, the United States is against the coup.

The crazy coup plotter is nothing more than a cheap provocateur surrounded by the worst and most mediocre, an ex-soldier thrown out of the Army whose personal cowardice has already been demonstrated in several episodes, whenever he faced the firm reaction of the institutions – less times than deserved it, it’s true.

On one of the few occasions when he seemed sensible, he didn’t react to a robbery, in 1995, when his motorcycle and gun (!), gun (!) and motorcycle were taken away – and nothing less suitable for a bully.

“They took the motorcycle, a semi-new 350-cc Honda Sahara, and the 380-caliber Glock pistol he had under his jacket. The next day, Bolsonaro appeared in the press saying he felt helpless at the time of the robbery”, reported reporter Bruno Abbud, in Época magazine, in 2018.

Let’s face it: it’s time to leave the shallow throat talking to itself and try to defeat the fascistoids in October.

In the state elections and those for the presidency of the Republic and the National Congress, in search of securing a majority committed to the reconstruction of Brazil, a task that will be painful and far beyond the saviors of the Fatherland – a species, in fact, in short supply in the market since always.

Rare reader and rare reader, rest assured: this time it will be much more important to win the elections in October, with a rout if possible, than in Qatar, in December.

The sixth championship can wait. Not hunger.

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