They do what works: How they fool the bosses


The small device of 30 euros, which makes a splash among those who work remotely.

How does a business make sure its employees are working in the age of telecommuting? It seems to be a problem faced by many companies, which is why a New York Times survey found that 80% of the 10 largest employers in the US use indicators that monitor the productivity of each employee.

Among the tools introduced by telecommuting are applications that record movements on the worker’s computer, tracking, for example, mouse movements, clicks or keyboard use to measure productivity.

Of course, this made the workers inventive. Nowadays, a small device that costs only 30 dollars and is very easy to use, is making a splash among those who work remotely.

It’s called a “mouse mover” or “mouse jiggler” and what it does is move the computer mouse. The benefit is two-fold: First, the application installed by the employer records movement, and second, the computer does not remain inactive for a long time to enter sleep mode.

CNBC found out how simple the device is to use. The Vaydeer Mouse Jiggler, for example, costs $30 and can be ordered through Amazon.

It takes less than a minute to set up by simply plugging it into a wall outlet (or into a computer’s USB port, though CNBC advises its readers to avoid this, as it can be detected by the software that ” he watches”).

The user presses the orange button that activates the device and places his mouse on it. Then, you will see the cursor moving slowly on the screen.

“That’s all. Once your mouse is on the jiggler, you can get up, make lunch, or do whatever else you want, and your computer won’t go to sleep,” explains CNBC.

“It won’t make you more productive, of course, but it might fool monitoring software into thinking you’re still working if that app checks to see if your computer is active.”

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