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More agile and stable version of ChatGPT costs BRL 218 per month, according to users


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OpenAI has started testing a premium version of ChatGPT access. The monthly subscription price is US$42 (R$218). The first information about ChatGPT ‘pro’ started circulating on OpenAI’s Discord on Saturday (21).

According to videos on social networks, the subscription offers faster responses, more stability (the free beta version suffers from many crashes), and priority access to any features that may be released.

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THE Sheet tried to contact OpenAI, but had no response at the time of publication of this text. The startup announced this month that it intended to test a paid version of ChatGPT.

“Please consider that this is a trial version of the program that is subject to change, and we will not be making paid priority access available to the general public at this time,” it said in a statement.

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In this first wave, few more frequent users received the subscription offer while exchanging messages with the chatbot.

Part of the Brazilians in the OpenAI community already complains that the price of the premium version of the chatbot is steep when converted to real. The value is equivalent to 16.7% of the minimum wage.

“With those R$200, you can buy five pizzas here in Brazil. In other words, it’s cheap”, counter-argued one user.

According to comments on OpenAI’s Discord, the tariff should serve to test the current usefulness of ChatGPT. As OpenAI has almost no competition, it is still difficult to price the services provided by the robot. So much so that the value adopted, US$ 42, is a joke among the nerd community.

On social networks, there are several reports of professionals using the robot to speed up repetitive tasks. These people will be able to calculate whether the time saved with the help of technology is worth R$ 218.

Casual users, however, will depend on OpenAI to maintain the substandard free service or will have to pay for entertainment.

In 2023, other actors should debut in the market of chatbots with artificial intelligence:

One of the main software packages for creative work, Adobe’s Creative Cloud, for example, includes more than 20 applications and costs US$ 30 (R$ 155) in the US and R$ 124 in Brazil.

Users in countries with a currency weaker than the US dollar expect OpenAI to provide prices that are compatible with local economies.

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