White House and European Commission to launch 1st agreement on artificial intelligence


The United States government and the European Union’s executive body will announce this Friday (27) an agreement to accelerate and improve the use of artificial intelligence in the areas of agriculture, health, emergency response, weather forecasting and energy networks. electric.

A senior US official discussing the initiative said it was the first broad agreement involving artificial intelligence between the country and Europe. Previously, agreements on the technology were limited to specific areas such as improving privacy protections, the official said.

AI modeling, which refers to machine learning algorithms that use data to make logical decisions, can be used to improve the speed and efficiency of government operations and services.

“The magic here happens in building joint models without touching the data,” the official said. “The US data stays in the US and the European data stays there, but we can create a model that talks to the European and US data because the more information and the more diverse data, the better the model.”

The initiative will give governments broader access to more detailed AI models, which will lead to more efficient responses to emergency response and management of electricity grids, and other benefits, the official said.

On electricity grids, the official cited that the US collects data on how energy is being used, where it is being generated and how to balance the load on the grid so that changes in climate do not bring down the infrastructure.

Many European countries have similar data collected from their own power grids, the official said. Under the new partnership, all of this data will be able to be used in a common AI model that could produce better results and improvements in the energy system.

The authority said that other countries may be invited to participate in the partnership in the coming months.

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