Anatel will block clandestine TV Box signal


Anatel (National Telecommunications Agency) announced, this Thursday (9), an action plan to combat the use of pirated TV Boxes, devices that clandestinely transmit cable TV channels and streaming services.

TV Boxes transform older televisions into Smart TVs, with internet connection, and allow access to channels and applications. However, some of the models sold and used are not approved by the agency and offer illegal access to paid content.

The measure also targets clandestine decoders, which only give access to channels. According to the agency, the blocking of the devices begins in the coming days.

Anatel said that around 1.5 million devices have already been withdrawn from circulation by inspection. The estimated value of these products adds up to almost R$ 400 million. The agency estimates that 5 to 7 million devices are connected to the internet in Brazil.

“It was observed that many of these clandestine TV Box equipments have malicious software that bring great risks to the network and to the user”, said the vice-president of the autarchy, Moisés Moreira.

The agency identified five irregularities involving the devices: the use of non-approved equipment, the clandestinity of telecommunications (it provides the service of transmitting content without authorization), the improper use of the cable TV service, the damage to the economic order and competition and the risk to cybersecurity.

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