OpenAI launches ChatGPT Plus subscription in Brazil for R$105


OpenAI started to make available, to Brazilian customers, the ChatGPT ‘plus’ subscription package —a tool that allows the use of artificial intelligence to write texts and solve problems. The update is from Friday night (10). The plan costs US$ 20 (R$ 105, at current prices) and was announced in the United States on the 1st.

Also on Friday, OpenAI opened the subscription model to European Union countries and the United Kingdom. The amount charged by the startup can be paid with a local credit card.

Subscribers have access to the platform even when traffic exceeds the capacity of the servers — which is often the case, since the service was sought after by 100 million people. Users of the free version of the text generator robot complain of instability.

The startup specializing in artificial intelligence also promises faster processing and priority access to any new features and updates in the chatbot.

The subscription package is the first product monetization experience with users. ChatGPT does not display ads.

A Brazilian suggested in the OpenAI community on the Discord chat application that the company adopt a pricing policy consistent with the country’s purchasing power. The monthly R$ 105 corresponds to almost 10% of the minimum wage.

An American replied that the value is very cheap, considering its applications that can transform professions and businesses. “I would pay $100 [R$ 525] by the service. I was able to speed up my content production by 10 times,” he said.

OpenAI will maintain the free version of ChatGPT. According to the company, the new subscription plan was based on information collected during the beta version of the technology and will expand the platform’s capacity to receive more audiences.

Learn how to talk to the smart robot

ChatGPT is available for free trial on the OpenAI website and can be accessed at this link.

To chat with the chatbot for the first time, it is necessary to create an OpenAI account by clicking on the “Register” option.

The platform only asks for the creation of an access password and the information of an email, to which a confirmation message is sent. Verification requires the user to click on the link indicated in the body of the email.

After confirmation, just select the “Login” option and enter your access information. OpenAI then asks for the user’s name and, if any, the organization they are a part of. Then a phone number, to be verified by SMS.

The creator of ChatGPT then offers access to the robot. Each user can ask 10 questions per hour in the platform’s chat. The technology only accurately processes orders that are less than 2048 with characters, including spaces.

The OpenAI account also grants access to Dall-E, an artificial intelligence platform that generates images based on text.

How to join ChatGPT Plus

On the left side of the chat with the text generator robot there is a toolbar. In it, the option “upgrade to Plus” is available, highlighted by the label “new” —news in English.

Upon clicking, the platform displays the differences between paid and free access. To subscribe to ChatGPT Plus, click on “upgrade your plan”.

On the billing page, enter your credit card details. OpenAI warns that the charge will be monthly and that the amount of the fee can be changed upon notice.

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