The “my data” is “a very important work” which contributes to the transparency and simplification of tax procedures, but also to the facilitation of both the tax administration and taxpayers, pointed out the governor of the Independent Public Revenue Authority, Giorgos Pitsilis, speaking tonight, at a meeting of the Association of Greek Industries held in collaboration with Enterprise Europe Network and EPLO.

This project brought the tax administration, accountants, economists, business and IT companies to the same table, with obvious benefits for all” said Mr. Pitsilis.

Mr. Pitsilis pointed out that, in which countries implemented similar digital recording and control and electronic invoicing systems have benefited, “not only, the tax administrations, but also the countries themselves“, as the economy acquired an image of “transparency and credibility” and contributed to the restoration of healthy competition between businesses.

It is a project in which Greece is in the pole position of the European Union” emphasized Mr. Pitsilis and added:

It is important both for businesses to facilitate their declarations and to protect healthy competition. I should mention, that through the first investigations, which we have run, through the database, more than a hundred companies have been revealed, which in the past were identified as issuers of virtual data and in my data have transactions that exceed 1.2 billion. euro…»

The commander of AADE he noted that last year, as a first step, the consolidated customer-supplier statements were abolished and by the end of last year, the optional, in the present phase, pre-filling of the VAT declarations also proceeded, where over 60% of the submitted declarations “they had no deviation” from system data “my data” and underlined:

We have exceeded 1.2 trillion euros in registered transactions, we are reaching 2.3 billion documents, we have over one million businesses registered“.

Mr. Pitsilis also referred to the “electronic mission statement” which is being promoted in collaboration with the Ministry of Finance, in order to prepare the regulatory and legislative framework, with the prospect that some sectors will be able to use it in its digital form by the end of the year.

For the platform “my property” mark done “very important work in the past two years “, pointing out :

Already, close to two hundred and fifty thousand declarations have been submitted digitally, we are continuing and together with the Ministry of Finance we are shaping the legislative framework, so that E9 declarations can also be submitted through the system, automatically“.

Regarding the application of artificial intelligence in the tax administration, he referred to the actions financed by the Recovery Fund, while he noted that in “my data” artificial intelligence tools are used.

The conference was attended by, among others, former Deputy Minister of Finance Giorgos Mavraganistax advisors, business executives and academics, while the discussion was moderated by the president of SBE, Loukia Sarantis.