“The General Directorate of Market and Consumer Protection of the General Secretariat of Trade of the Ministry of Development and Investments, together with the German Environment Agency and under the coordination of the European Commission, led a joint action against the company Nintendo, within the framework of the European cooperation network of states – members for consumer protection”.

This is noted in a statement of the Ministry of Development and Investments and it is added that in April 2021 after the notification by the European Consumer Organization (BEUC) of approximately 25,000 complaints from consumers in Europe regarding technical problems leading to the premature obsolescence of the controls of the game console “Nintendo Switch”, Greece coordinated a joint action with Germany, with a basic request to the Nintendo company for their free repair.

Also as stated in the announcement, Nintendo has agreed that defective controllers of the ‘Nintendo Switch’ game console will be repaired free of charge by the company’s repair centers, regardless of whether the problem is due to a defect or wear and tear of the controller. The free repair will be valid even if the manufacturer’s warranty period has expired.