THE Samsung Display unveiled new, innovative technologies in biometric technology at SID Display Week 2023 in Los Angeles (May 23-25).

The South Korean technology giant presented the new screen Sensor OLED Display, a technology that integrates into the screen panel not only fingerprint sensors, but also sensors to monitor your health, as is done today with “smart” watches.

With the new technologies incorporated by Samsung, fingerprints are recognized anywhere on the screen, allowing seamless identification of the user biometrically and offering new possibilities for future smartphones and tablets.

In addition, the monitor can measure pulses of the heart, blood pressure and stress levels, by analyzing the reflected OLED light from the user’s fingers, paving the way for new applications in health technology.

In addition to the new OLED screen, at the exhibition Samsung Display also presented other remarkable technologies for our small or large screens, such as rollable screens, a step ahead of today’s folding screens that were once science fiction, and are now widespread.

Whether the new technology with health sensors is sufficiently mature, or its cost is sufficiently low, to be integrated next year in the new “flagship” of Samsung’s mobile phones, Galaxy S24 Ultra remains to be seen.