Starting at the end of the week, Google will begin deleting millions of inactive e-mail accounts. These are user accounts that have not been used for at least two years, a move that the company had announced as early as May 2023.

Deleting old Gmail accounts will start on December 1st and will also include work in Google Docs, Google Workspace, Google Photos, and other Google products, such as any videos an affected user has uploaded to YouTube.

Deleting inactive Google accounts only applies to personal accounts and will not affect organizations such as schools or businesses that use Gmail and other Google services.

According to the tech giant, the move is to protect users from security threats because accounts that haven’t been used for a while are more likely to be hacked – older accounts are more vulnerable to threats such as spam and phishing.

Before deleting an account, Google will deliver various notifications to users via Gmail and any backup email addresses provided.

How to avoid deletion

– Google users who have not used their account for at least two years and do not wish to have their account deleted can keep it active by simply by logging into Gmail or any other Google servicesuch as Google Drive, YouTube or Google Search, or by downloading any app from the Google Play Store.

– Switch back to an older Google account

If you’ve forgotten your password or your account has been compromised, start at the Google account recovery page and try to reset it – Google has tips to help you.

If your account has been suspended for violating the terms of use or for other reasons, you can request a review. Try logging into the account and look for an option that says Start Appeal.